bonjour new blog!

Hey, new blog. Seems like there's no one will talk to me right here. Pfffft, my old blog has been removed. I'm so sad, I didn't mean it so seriously, but it really happened. What a sad one, I don't even believe that the blog that I've owned for 1 year 5 months, has been deleted. Okay, that's not a spam blog, as you will know.

The first time I think it was a kidding, when I cannot opened my dashboard as normally. I think, it was a maintenance, but totally, till now, I cannot open my old blog!!!! *shock*
I've edited it with all over times that I got, and it may thought by was a spam blog. Seriously, I mean it, I want to share anything right here. If I was doing a mistake, I'm feeling so sorry. Kind of thing that everyone always did when they make mistake(s). I'm sorry if I ever doing something that prohibited by ToS (Terms of Service) in the past. I hope, I can write anything on this new one and make no mistake (anymore).

Miss the old template? Yeah, so do I. Or maybe, I ever deleted something that really important to shown by, oh my God. This is my biggest mistake!!!! Sorry.

I hope, this blog will not be deleted by anymore. I promise, I won't make any mistake anymore, even saying rants right here (I ever in the old one, but I've deleted it.)

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