some hodgepodge things

Hello! Yea, I know there are so many pictures above. I took them sooooo randomly. Let me figure them all out. The girl who spinning with her dark chocolate skirt was me :D but wait.. i didn't took it by myself. My best friend, Dela (look at the first picture) has took it for me and the location was at Dela's room (whatta kool room, gurl!) I just love to take a picture like that, without falling because tangled in one little thing (not funny, huh)
And the 3th picture was Adam Levine on my little M5 board. He is soooo stunning...
The 4th picture really-really awesome! Glitter :D What a lovely thing (: and the last is a picture, a lovely picture from a book which has so many inspirational quotes inside. I just love the picture. So hodgepodge, right.

So, this March would be a busy month everrrrr. I'm gonna do some practice exams of many subjects. On March 3rd, there's a test from Pribadi International School. On March 19th (a day after Adam Levine's birthday) I got a school exam. Pfffftttt and on April 26th... This is the final examinations. I hope I can luck on them! I hopeee...

And guess... I got this lovely dudes on interview with Steve Appleford for Los Angeles Times *what a perfect video!!!*


  1. Lovely photos!


  2. the last photo has the cutest rainbow colours :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Love the random cute pictures :) glitter <3

  4. The first pic is gorgeous!

    Do check out the ClucbCouture giveaway on my blog Miss Tangerine, it's the last day to enter and maybe you'll be the lucky one!


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