best time ever: childhood

I can't even imagine that March comes so fast as the exams which I'm going to done this April! Allo March, what a lovely month! Also, there are so much lovely peoples who'll celebrate their birthdays on March. The one of them is... Adam Levine! Wooaaah, can't wait for it! :D
By the way, last night I thought about some ideas to post right here and well, I got an idea about childhood. Yes, that's all what I mean, though. Childhood. Everyone should be really happy with their childhood-- not at all people, guys. Yeah maybe a lot of peoples in this universe in love with their childhood much, but a little from us maybe feeling so bad with their childhood. Imma the one of them, who really in love with my childhood much. These are two of my best childhood things ever.

Doll house. My mummy gave me when I was 9 and it's kinda absurd to tell, because when I'm gonna got this lovely gift, I asked my mum first to buy it  and give it in my birthday. Does it sound like a gift?
This is a lovely one! Such a pencil case but the shape is looking like a glass. It was a Barbie pencil case! I got this one from the one of my best friends in primary school when I was 8. She surprised me with this! Totally, cutie!
Totally, they were my birthday gifts. Sounds good, but the memories of them cannot be forgotten by. There are still much things of my childhood, but I just picked them both because they're too nice for me, I think.


  1. Cute blog! <3


  2. i love ma childhood too ehehehe :D


  3. Those are precious gifts!! I love the little doll house!! It's great to have things from child hood and you look super sweet as a child!! Loved this!! xx

  4. when i was a little, yeah i'm so miss them!
    wanna be friends by following each other dear?
    ive to following you :)

    ♡ CheaperDuper

  5. Soo cute pictures :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

  6. Aww, these are such adorable photos. I have many memories from childhood. -xx
    ~Liebst, Madison

  7. Very cute pictures, you are so right.. Childhood is the best time :) wish I could go back sometimes,



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