the coolest mates ever: RSBI 2

Hey! Today I'm gonna post about my classmates, yea they all. I've spent my (almost) 3 years with them at RSBI 2 class. From 7th grade, 8th grade till 9th grade (now). Totally, so sad because after we're going to face the national exams and international exams, we may can't be together anymore because the different high school. I love them all! No matter what. Eventho sometimes the teachers are getting angry with us, got the bad scores together, and some unpredictable moments, they're still sweet for me. I think those memories are really great to be remembered by us. Yeah, it starts from we didn't know each other. We got so much moments that can makes me laugh, stress, crazy, mad, sad, cry, everything, ugh so funny. Some memories that can never be forgotten by me were the 'falls moment' of some kids :P and 'awkward time in the class' while we were taught by teachers. Hahaha, I can't even stop laughing if those are crossing my mind. And some videos which are really... *Oh gosh, they killed me slowly because too much giggling*
So, I'm just going to say I-do-really-love-'em-all. No hate! And I hope we all get the best scores for the exams and get the best high schools. Wish us much luck!!