Great Friday

Hey, y'all! How was your day? Um, a little bit bored or something else? Okay, look at the title! If you are a Christian, you'll get the meaning. Yeah, Great Friday, where our Father, Jesus died because He has redeemed all of His peoples to be free from any sins that we ever made. Okay, it makes sense. He died because of us. He loves us, He wants to hold all every mistake that we made. Okay think about it. Would you die for someone who is really not worth to get the forgiveness? Would you die with all sins of human and you redeem it only by yourself? Would you? We? Them? Exactly, suddenly as soon as possible we're going to say "no! For what are we doing it if all over that we've did just only for someone else who doesn't deserve it?" or some answers like that. No one would be, even me, but God. God will never defeated by. He died because a reason, to relieve His peoples. 

I'm using glasses since about 3 days ago. Actually, I've been using it for a long time ago, but I didn't wear it every time as I can, though. So I try to wear it every time as I can. So bad, my eyes aren't normal. But I think it would be more better if everyday I want to eat some vegetables (oh noooo!), even carrots. I hope my eyes will getting better so I don't have to wear my glasses every time, everywhere, everyday.

I'm in love with Secondhand Serenade song, Stranger. Not only it, but many. It sounds really good and so dreamy!


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  2. I love your writing- indeed, thank you for explaining the true meaning of Easter. So happy to see a young lady like you honest to profess your faith. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

    1. Haha that's what I'm going to say right here. Yeah, the meaning of Great Friday is like that (: well, thank you so much! Have a nice day as well!


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