Good Friday

Hi everyone! This is my new post and I've finished editing way too much my blog appearance!! Yay!! Hehe :) I'm feeling good with this one. Want to know why? My header, that's a picture of me which had drawn by me. Drawing is my hobby and it makes me happy! This year, I'm starting in love with Rilakkuma, Masaki Okada (wow if only you know him, he's totally perfect!!!) and many muuuch!

Oh by the way, about the title of this post. Today is Good Friday! Well, I've explained what Good Friday is about a year ago right here. This is my outfit for today :)

Also, I got some fashion tips as well from Tokyo Fashion web and its Twitter. Just follow it, you'll be amazed with a thousand Harajuku styles from there :) they're kawaii at all. This is some of pictures that I took from the website because I'm in love with the styles. I think they're cute!

Kawaii desu ne? (Cute, isn't it?) Those pictures had taken by people who are in Harajuku street, Shibuya, Shinjuku and others. They amazed me, really amazed me!
Well that's all! :) Have a blessed Good Friday everyone, I hope you all have a nice day! :) Oops it's already 10:00 PM I have to watch The Amazing World of Gumball. Wait. That's my new addicted as well haha so goodbye! :)