Heeeeey November!!!!

Heeeeey everyone!!!! Long time no see :) I hope you guys are fine as me right now. I'm too busy these days -,- my weeks are full with exams, tests, homework and many moooore. By the way, how was your week? Is yours the same as mine? Today, I will tell some moments right here, not the ones which are too privacy in my real life, just some great time points of me XD 

On July, I passed my grade from 10th grade to 11th grade (hurraaaay!) 
Here I am, I got a class named XI IPA 5. They're soooo cool even maybe the best class ever that I have (I just tell the truth, based on how my friends treat me and how funny they are, they are the best ever.) The kids are.... AAAAHH no words can ever describe them. THEY ARE JUST DA BEST! ❤❤❤

Next, I got a new phone as a birthday gift by my parents. I thank them soooo much. I love you guys, mommy and daddy!! ❤❤

And... Bla-bla-bla....I forgot some of my great moments from September to October. Lol.

And this November, I was chosen by my teacher to be one of the organizers to make a Christmas party of my school. This is gonna be so fun. I hope I and my friends are gonna make it success! This will be sooo fun, I hope so.

This is kinda late, I'm going to sleep, so.... Oh well, I have an instagram account right now! (how late i am lol) my username is ferennatasha! XD Well goodnight everyone, I'll post some more sooner, byeeee :) ❤