Hey 2014! Welcome!! :) I know I'm late to tell this but I was really having a good new year!! ♡✧ I hope everyone is doing the same also.

First, I wish everyone a happy new year and Merry Christmas. I had a really nice Christmas and New Year Eve with my family. Sooo happy!
Then, I feel those things which were happening in my life are good signs! I'm feeling like this is a good start of new year to me, myself.
Furthermore, my seapunk fashion addicted has came back! It's been such a long-long-long time since I like seapunk things. I got so many tops, dresses even platform that I want also! This is a pic of my white platform.
But, they're cute, aren't they? :)♡✧
I'm in love with this dress also which I bought last week!
This year, I hope everything will be more great! Even my relationship with the LORD, family, bestfriends and everyone!
I also learn japanese these days. I can read the katakana and hiragana, and about to learn the kanjis♡ 
I also did the Christmas party of my school on 18th January 2014, this is the pic when my Christian fellas practicing for the party :)

I think that's it. Enough for today, I am sleepy nooow. I hope I can make a new post sooner! I want to be able to post something right here, I also hope I have more time for it :) byee, see you fellas!♡✧