Where am I gonna be? What should I choose?

Hi fellas! Hope everyone is doing fine with their activities today! :)
I'm back with a new post, I know it's too late to post something here, but today I want to post something which is really confusing. Uuuuugh I don't know.
I'm a girl who's just an 11 grade girl but I do wonder where am I gonna be when I graduate from my high school. I'm still wondering which faculty I want to choose. I do love fashion, I love designing dress. I want to take a fashion school after I graduate from high school BUT I don't want to lose those science educations which I've learnt on high school. Feels like, they are in vain. In the other case, I want to be an architect (O Lord I just realise that I always pick faculties that are connected to drawing things :P) or an architect interior. After this long time, finally I decided that I choose architect interior faculty than being schooled at fashion school then after graduate I don't know what I'm gonna do with that lol.
But I have no worry! Because Lord Jesus Christ had told me that I don't have to worry about my future, tomorrow, next thing that is gonna happen. Because He works while we're facing everything in our life. I believe, I can go to that college, the one that I want. I believe on His plan.
Barbie also has a quote just like this.. 

And yeah I'll never regret anything that I choose, I've done and anything more. I believe that I can make my dream come true, so does everyone :)
Thanks for paying your attention onto this post. Well, how about you? Where do you want to go after graduate from high school, then?!