Barbie Collector

when the other girls are collecting bags or shoes...

hello! today is 27th of July which means tomorrow is my birthday lol ๐Ÿฐ  well, this post is NOT going to be a post where it's all about my birthday, but one of my hobby selain gambar (padahal gaisa gambar wkwk ๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฝ), dressing and listening music.

today, I mean, yesterday, koleksiku bertambah! emang rada gimana ya umur segini ngoleksinya Barbie, but because I love Barbie soooo much that I don't even care how old I'm to collect those dolls, ya jadinya begini hehe. alesan lainnya aku ngoleksi Barbie itu karena sahabatku (Dela) juga suka ngoleksi Barbie wkwk. belum banyak kok, baru 9 Barbie yang aku punya :')

jadi, karena udah lama ga ngoleksi Barbie, akhirnya kemarin I decided to buy a new one, a Fashionista one. Barbie yang aku koleksi itu banyak macam, not only the blondies or the white ones. Ada yang kulitnya paleee banget, sampe yang coklat gitu. warna matanya sama rambutnya juga beda-beda kalo diliat, soalnya kata mami kalo mau ngoleksi jangan yang modelnya sama semua, tapi cari yang beda-bedaa

here they are! from my very first Barbie ever to the latest one :)
I got it on my 3rd birthday, my mom and dad gave it to me. Pas pertama kali dapat itu, yaa masih cantik lah. sempurna. now the question is... kenapa rambutnya pendek? jadi, pas aku umur 5 tahun, rambutku yang panjang dipotong jadi sebahu. karena aku gamau rambut Barbie ku lebih panjang daripada rambutku jadi kupotong :( YES, I CUT IT AND ITS HAIR TURNED FROM THE MOST FLAWLESS-PRETTIEST-BLONDE-EVER TO THE UGLIEST HAIRCUT I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. ugh. *cry*
yang kedua ini... aku lupa deh. kayaknya ini hadiah ulang tahun juga. packaging nya juga unik banget. Beach Barbie gitu jadi dia punya kacamata gitu hehehe. yang ini rambutnya juga aku potong dikit (di poninya) gatau deh karena kenapa -_-
one of my favourite Barbie because her hair is soo long and pretty, her eyes are green also! ๐Ÿ˜
one of my favourite Barbies juga, rambutnya cantik. this is my first African-American Barbie :)
my first Barbie with bangs!
she got ombre di bagian dalam rambutnya wkwk
my second Disney Barbie! (lupa foto yang Cinderella -_-)
my latest Barbie! I think her face is totally pretty with her brown hair and her tan skin. her eyes are hazel also ugh ๐Ÿ’œ

I also got this mail from Starbucks, well it's not even my birthday today hmm

and... that's all! I hope I'm having a blessed and a happy birthday tomorrow :)
byee! God bless your day xx