Welcoming August

Let me post a little chit-chat...
Tomorrow is August 1st! Well, time flies so fast. I don't even realise that today is the last day on July, my favourite month. I'm sure that July went pretty well for me. Through all these happy, sad, heart-punching times, July really gave me so many wonderful things. I thank God for everything which were happening on this month. Everything felt amazing!

It's summer and I'd really love to go to the beach, enjoying the sun, hearing the sound of ocean weaves softly hitting the shore... hmm. That was one of my wishes which ain't reached by this month ugh. I want to go to there with my friends, just like a year ago. How I miss them! :'(

Well, this August, I hope everything will be okay, every single thing will be fine. I believe that God has a very great plan for me ahead. One month left until I go back to college life and spend every single day with a pile of assignments. Hmm pretty sure it must be fun, lol.
Doing homework is always an adventure as well, right? 


  1. maybe next time, we will go to the baech like we used to :)

    1. well, anonymous, okay! :3 I hope you're one of my friends tho teehee

    2. coba tebak siapa ini.... ;)

    3. hee.... siapa ya ini :O


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