Hold on to His Promise because He is Faithful

Do you ever feel like something is really putting you down that you can never smile again?
Okay, stop right there. I know everything feels so hard but don't let them put you down. That is life; a rollercoaster that goes up and down, but don't ever let yourself drown in sorrow. He, who is faithful, has something best for you! 💛
There was a girl who dreamt a lot. She prayed to God about everything in her life. Even though everything seemed impossible but she believed Him still. Then finally one fine day came, she got what she wants, one of her wish was granted. She was so happy like these days are her days and she thanked God for what just happened.
But sadly, on the next year, things ain't the same anymore. She didn't know what happened and she cried. Every time she thinks about it, she cried. She got no one to talk to, because she knew no one can really help her. All hopes were gone. The flowers in her heart withered. She was blaming herself. She didn't know what to do until one day, God woke her up from her darkest nightmare. 
It was hard to be happy at that time because she was not okay with how things were. She knew that God wants her to be joyful in every moment of her life, but she couldn't. She was so afraid, but again God lifted her to the higher place. 
God said to her, "Don't you worry about tomorrow. I have so much in store for you. With man this is impossible but with Me, all things are possible." Then she cried because she just realised that actually she always got Someone in her life to talk to about everything. She realised how great God's love is. He wants her to believe and talk to Him about everything. He knows what she wants and He will give anything she really needs in her life. The flowers in her heart are blooming again. She believes God's plans are the best and she doesn't worry about anything anymore 🌸
Well, waiting is not always fun to be honest. It takes time, of course. Sometimes, it only takes a while but still waiting is not always fun.
But believe Him because God has something best for you in the future. You have no idea but someday you'll understand. You can cry as much as you can, but do not blame other people or even yourself. You have to promise yourself that you won't be sad later because God's hand never stops working. Right now, He's preparing a very best gift for you, so you have to wait. Have faith in God, for He is Faithful to us. He never lies. He wants you to hold onto His promises :)
If you're feeling so happy, pray. If you're feeling down right when you're reading this, take a moment to pray to God. God is with us. He wants to hear your problems and will help you get through them.
But if you ever prayed about something then nothing happened, believe me God has something bigger and better for you ✨

"He who has started a great thing in you, He also who will bring you to pass it. God never gives us good thing, but He always gives us the best."

*If you notice any grammatical errors in this post, sorry. I'm working on it teehee 🙈
Have a nice day, God bless!
Ellen 💐

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