An Inch Closer to Christmas

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for this kind-of-really long pause. I've been sooo busy, doing stuffs, homework –uhm, everything. I believe if I had more leisure time, I'd be posting something right here to share with you guys.

Today is 5th of November. I can't believe that we're an inch closer to Christmas, which means I can go back to my hometown, celebrate Christmas with my family and my friends and doing some fun stuffs with them 🎄✨
Before going back, there are lot of things that I want to do. One of them is to finish reading To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I was stuck on the page 105. I really really want to finish it but I have no more time for reading the rest of it 😣
Eventho I haven't finish it yet, I still got time to do a new thing before I go to sleep. Yes, a new thing –reading Bible. I know I'm late to start but it's better late than never, right? Lol
So, today's musing is about spending more time with God. We have to spend our time with God even though we are sooo busy (like me rn lol) but still, we have to have time for God. Spending time a little bit and talking about anything to Him won't make you feel overburdened but lighter than ever. 

🌸   Why do we have to spend more time with God?

God really loves His children more than anything and He wants you to tell Him about every single thing that you do, how you feel, just tell Him anything. We, human, can't do anything only by ourselves. We do really need help, that is why God offers His hand to help us so we don't have to stand alone in fight. God offers us His hand to hold us in life's darkest hours. Sometimes, we, human, are struggling from something. But really, it's okay not to be okay. God is there to help us. Hope is always available. God loves us regardless of our struggles. That is why we need to spend our time with God and talk to Him. He gives us strength. 

I hope from this post, I can share something good to you guys and by the way, I gotta gooo because it's movie time! I'm going to watch some movies with my girls sooo, see ya! 
Have a good night fellas! 

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