Mid Term Exam

Mid term exam is oveeeeeeeer! I'm so happy that it's over, because I can (I still have many homeworks to do tbh 🙄) read my "not finished yet" novel, watch movies, hang out with my folks and everything!
This time, I believe that I did my best and let God take the rest so I shouldn't even worry about it at all. Anyway, I'm going to post some of them right here because I took some pictures of them teehee (furniture design, interior design and presentation techniques mid term exam)

Because we're a little bit closer to Christmas time, beside reading novel and watching movies, I listen to classic Christmas songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Cosby, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams (and many more) also lately. I love classic Christmas songs because it reminds me of my dad and my grandpa, they love them too. They remind me of my childhood also 👧🏻💭
Well, December is like an inch away, I hope great things will happen sooner! Can't wait for Christmas! 🎄

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