Welcoming 2017 and 4th Semester!

Hello 2017! Be my year! 😋
Today I'm feeling really tired because I just got back from Bandung with my friends. I'm feeling soo tired, and happy too. 
It's been a very very long time since I went to Bandung. Last time I was there was in 2010 for a middle school field trip. Bandung is a nice place, the weather was quite cold in there.
At first, we went to De Ranch and we were going there for riding horses because Ingrid wanted to ride it sooo bad 🐎 

From there, we went to Dusun Bambu. It was lovely in there - we had lunch. There are so many different food stands  and everything looks yummy. I was in heaven. But what really made me happy was the ice cream! 🍫🍦 
The ice cream came in so many flavors. I really really like the chocolate one! It was sooo delicious. 
So many flavors and so little time 😔
Can I have it right now? 😢
Super-duper-delicious-unbranded-ice cream. The flavors are chocolate, avocado, durian, green tea
and many more!

me and my friends, eating the suppa-duppa-delicious-ice cream.
We went to Karnivor in the evening. The steaks were soooo yummy and the interior was good. 
I didn't take so much pictures of the interior because it was kinda dark in there 👀
And the next day, we went to The Lodge Maribaya which is so relaxing. There are lots of fun games too but we didn't do games because we were there for half hour then it started raining and we had to go back :(

I bought a baby succulent too! I'm so happy 🌵

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