I Scream for IKEA Ice Cream!

(a post from a month ago)

The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I see or hear the word 'hej' (Swedish word for 'hello') is IKEA. Well, IKEA is absolutely my happy place!
I love home goods and furniture stores such as IKEA. I love going to IKEA. It always creates so many ideas in my mind and it's just so fun. Brainstorming how I want my future house to be decorated... because home decor is so important to me. I can't wait to own a home and customized it all by myself 🙈
Besides the home goods and furniture, I love going to IKEA mainly because the food court is the best thing ever! The meatballs are so delicious and the ice cream... They have the best ice cream to be honest, ooh I'm in love🍦✨ 

 And these are pictures of my outfit that day 🐠✨
*the effects made these pictures look so much brighter

Have a nice day everyone! 💙


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