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Sometimes, all you need is little indoor plants at the corner of your small space. These indoor plants can make the whole ambience of your little space alive.

Indoor plants are growing for decorative purpose. They help with indoor air purification, also have positive psychological effects. Indoor plants need the correct moisture, light levels, soil mixture, temperature, humidity and correct-sized pots.

Growing indoor plants is sooo easy and fun. I'm obsessing over indoor plants (succulent is one of my favourite indoor plants!). I love succulents because they're very low maintenance and they're absolutely cute!

There are lots of beautiful indoor plants that you can choose, such as:
♦︎ Aloe
♦︎ English Ivy
♦︎ Gardenia
♦︎ Rubber Plant 
♦︎ Philodendron
♦︎ Platycerium

and here are some ideas!

Pretty, aren't they? 🌵✨
Source: Pinterest

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