Summer Break 🌞

A month and 16 days remaining until the beginning of fall semester. I have to go back to Jakarta and start to do everything again.
I was visiting Jessica in Surabaya before I came home. But really, those 10 days were sooo fun! Not only Jessica, but all of them (Ce Anita, Ko Bun, Kenneth, Ko Yong and the others) made me sooo happy! (they were making my face like this 🤣  each and every-single-time). There ain't no days without these fellas. I made so many friends also when I was there. 
Sooo happy 😋

The 4th semester final exam has finished and I can finally breathe again 😌  (duh not really because the stress stays in the back of my head until all of my grades are out)
I can tell 4th semester is the most hectic, challenging and stressful semester, but thank God I survived 😂

I was looking for the curriculum and found the list of classes which I have to take. There are 8 classes and 22 credits for the next semester. Those classes are:
● Interior Design History, Culture and Aesthetic
● Interior Design Methodology
● Entrepreneurship II
● Interior Design IV: Commercial and Hospitality Project
● Computer 3D Interior Rendering
● Building Component Theory and Regulation
● Interior Forecasting
Okay. First, I like to learn history (I love history class btw 🙄). And there they go some classes which I've never heard before, like interior methodology then building component something and last is forecasting. Idk how I'm going to survive next semester thoo tbh but I believe God will help me get thru this and I'm ready for the next semesterrr.
Just got a new haircut! My hair is longggg enough to get a new haircut 😋
Well no, it's way too impossible to cut my hair that short 😂  I ain't going to get any haircut anyway, sooo bye! Happee hols fellas! 

P.S. I'm in love with Red Velvet's new mini album, The Red Summer. I'm addicted to Red Flavor and You Better Know. Go check em out! 🍉❤️

and here's also a video of happiness! 😋

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