This December ☃️

This December... 
Miracles happened.

So much blessings just came before this year ends and so many miracles happened. 

It's December and Christmas is getting closer!πŸŽ„ The past month has been insane yet somehow include the best moments of this year, and this December makes me feel so grateful for every miracle that happened in my life. I don't even know what to say but the thing is, I thank God to the most high! He's so kind and I'm literally blown away by how attentive God is to what I need, even to the tiniest things.

Last time, I said that I want to grow up in every way that I can. I want to be the better me. And yes, God put me through learning phases and they were really helped me grow as a person :)

So many fun activities which I did with my friends these days (eventhough I've been so busy with so many things and having so many assignments due, not to mention the interior design final project πŸ™‚). I went to a very special event held by my interior fellas with my friends last week. It was so fun because we made friends with some of our juniors and we all dressed like 90s peeps! 
We were taking pictures and polaroids also πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’œ

And here's a list; well a Christmas playlist because Christmas is here anytime soon!
❄️  December Playlist ❄️
Wish Tree - Red Velvet
Dear Santa - Girls' Generation TaeTiSeo
Mele Kalikimaka - The Puppini Sisters
Not Just on Christmas - Ariana Grande
Last Christmas - Ariana Grande
Winter Things - Ariana Grande
Love is Everything - Ariana Grande
That's Christmas to Me - Pentatonix
Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
Taeyeon has released her latest Christmas album, This Christmas - Winter is Coming. All of her songs sound really-really good but my favourite songs from this album are This Christmas and Christmas without You ♥️

Merry early Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸ¦Œ✨♥️

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