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Hello 2018!
Merry (belated) Christmas! 🎄
Happy (belated) New Year! 🎆

So... where should I start? Well, this is my first post of 2018. I can finally post something right here after this very-very-very hard and hectic semester. I've been going thru lotsss of things. I fell sick so many times (mungkin emg akunya aja yg gampang sakit 😶 ), but life goes on. It was okay not to be okay. Now everything is totally fine because the most lovable-precious-unforgettable (?) 5th semester, is finally over. 

So what made me and my friends being sleepless this semester was the final project, the hospitality project. We got to design a hotel and we had to make the layout, sections, floor and wall treatment even mechanical electrical for 4 rooms which are receptionist area, restaurant, bedroom and the retail store. Our team made 5 rooms because we got 2 retails at the hotel which we designed. Because we designed a boutique type, so the retails were art space, fashion retail, florist, etc. Mine were art space and fashion retail (this reminds me of my retail project :|). 
We handed them over on January 9th. The next assignment was to make the whole presentation such as the material board, mood board, a mock-up of bedroom, colored layout and elevations (each room got 2 elevations, because I made 5 rooms so I had 10 elevations need to be colored before the D-Day, January 16th, I've only got a week to color them all 🙂 ). Bruh. BRUH. Luckily I did it with my friends, we encouraged each other that we could do them all and finally, those were done. 


We were almost late. We-were-almost-l-a-t-e. Actually we were ready an hour before presentation. We booked grab because we couldn't bring the assignments all by ourselves but no one accepted our booking. Once it was, they said that their car didn't big enough to bring such panels (yes, we were rocking panels too for our final presentation 😅 ) and finally we were arriving at class like 5 minutes before the final presentation started. Whenever I remember that moment, I always thank God, who is the Saviour because if we were late, we just couldn't make it.

And this is the funny part about it. I don't know about my other fellas but we didn't sleep last night because we were working on our presentation. The presentation started at 8.00 AM, so we had to wait until the lecturers call our names to do the final presentation.
It's 9 and I started to fall asleep. So, while we were waiting for our turn, we even slept in front of the class just because we couldn't take it no more. I was sooooo freaking sleepy. From the feeling of 'dugeun-dugeun' inside of me until the feeling of nothing but freezing. OMG I literally slept sooo freaking long that I didn't realize I was sleeping in the floor until my turn. I felt sooo happy after the final presentation because finally I can sleep well at dorm under my super warm blanket!!!

I didn't take a picture of my whole presentation but here it is, the only picture that I took. Well it was super awkward to take a picture that day because my presentation was infront of the class (I didn't get a place to put them all because I was late 😶 ) so yeah here it is! (+ another assignment) 

This is the layout furniture. I didn't take a picture of the elevations. For those who are wondering, I used watercolor and Copic Markers for rendering my final presentation :)
I really-really-really thank God for everything! Without His hands, I couldn't do these all and these all wouldn't be done on time. One thing that I learned from this semester, I should learn more and more about time management and I shouldn't be afraid of things because God is always there for me.  (Deuteronomy 31:6)

By the way, Red Velvet just released a (very-very-very lit) repackage album, The Perfect Red Velvet. There are 3 new songs and Bad Boy is absolutely so addicting. It sounds too good and the concept is groundbreaking! Here is the video of Bad Boy by Red Velvet ♥️

Also, happy early birthday to Seulgi! 🐻 ♥️

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