Feren Natasha | 1997.07.28 | 5'2"
안녕! I'm Feren Natasha, the author of this blog. 

I've been blogging since 2010, when I was thirteen. This is my second blog, my first blog was deleted in 2012. It was deleted but then I made a new one (this blog) in 2012, when I was fourteen at that time. 

I started blogging because of Tavi Gevinson or you can call her tavitulle (her twitter account). She inspired me so-so-so much 💡
I made this blog because I love fashion so much and I wanted to be a fashion blogger just like Tavi at that time (i still want to be one lol). I tried to take so many pictures every time I got dressed up back then. Dressing up really makes me happy! 

When I started blogging, I posted all about fashion, artworks, and many more. But in 2013, I started to make this blog as my personal blog where I can share all of my journey, not only fashion and stuff. 
I want to make this blog as my personal blog also my fashion diary.

I'm an interior design student at Binus University, class of 2019. Beside fashion, I'm into interior as well. Being an interior student ain't that easy. Lack of sleep, assignments and projects everywhere, CAD and bla-bla-bla. It sounds crazy but pretty fun! 🌵

Well, that's all.
Thank you for coming! Have a nice and blessed day fellas 🐰

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